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16 Tips to Help You Prepare for Studying Abroad in Finland main image

Packing your bags for the study experience of a lifetime in Finland? Check out our 16 tips that should help make the big move that little bit easier.

13 Myths and Realities of Business School main image

Thinking about applying to business school, but worried about what it’s really like? Fear no more. We bust the myths and give you the lowdown on the realities that come with applying and going to business school.

Why You Should Care if Your University is Sustainable main image

Growing pressures from younger generations are seeing universities around the world reconsider their stance on climate change. We take a closer look at why you should care if your university is doing its bit to help.

TOPUNIVERSITIES Sponsored content by date
How Technology is Changing the World of Marketing main image

The world of marketing has changed dramatically since the turn of the century. But how much of it has changed thanks to rapid advancements in technology? Read on to find out.

Q&A with a Future World Changer: Yalinu Poya main image

Yalinu is a chemistry PhD student at the University of Glasgow. Her mission is to create a safer and cleaner way to feed the world’s growing population more sustainably. We spoke with her to find out more.

7 Skills Every Future-Ready Leader Needs main image

Do you aspire to lead your own interdisciplinary team one day? You’re going to need these seven skills if you want to succeed…

What’s It Like to Study in Sustainable Munich? main image

What’s it really like to live and study in a sustainable city such as Munich? Let’s find out… 

What Does Studying Abroad Mean to You? main image

Thousands of students make the decision to study abroad every year. But what is the experience really like? We spoke to a few study abroad students at the University of Lima to find out.