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TOPUNIVERSITIES student jobs by date
CV mistakes

Who hasn’t lied about being an expert in Microsoft Excel? Employers reveal the top 11 CV mistakes.

Starting a business

Find out how these students created multi-million-dollar companies from their dorm rooms.

The Students’ Guide to Getting a Christmas Temp Job main image

Do you want some extra money around Christmas? Find out how to get a Christmas temp job…

TOPUNIVERSITIES student jobs by date
Should You Work Whilst Studying? main image

Part-time jobs are great for earning some extra cash, but should your studies come first? Watch our video as we asked people for their thoughts.

A Guide to Student Jobs main image

Depending on your interests and skills, student jobs are available in many service roles, both on campus and beyond. Find out all about the range of general and specialized job options available for students.

Student Funding: Finding Scholarships, Jobs and Loans main image

Need student funding? Get advice on getting a scholarship, student jobs and student loans.

Aid, Scholarships and Part-Time Work main image

University isn’t cheap, but it needn’t be out of reach either. Discover a range of ways to fund your studies.

Student Jobs: Pros and Cons main image

Weigh up the arguments for and against working while you study.