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TOPUNIVERSITIES study abroad by date
Why Study at a Scandinavian University? main image

Want to study in Europe? Here’s why you should consider universities in Sweden, Norway and Denmark, plus nearby Finland and Iceland…

5 of the Most Stunning Student Cities in Europe main image

Not sure whether to study abroad? Discover five breathtaking student cities in Europe.  

Reverse Culture Shock and How to Deal with It main image
by Julia J.

Coming back home from a year abroad can almost be as hard as leaving in the first place. Here are some tips on how to adjust.

TOPUNIVERSITIES study abroad by date
9 Reasons Not to Study Abroad in Buenos Aires main image

Booking a one-way flight to Buenos Aires for the time of your life? Sounds horrendous.

What It’s Like to Spend a Term in Venice  main image

With its hidden waterways and ornate architecture, it might just be the most enchanting and serene city in the world.

Studying Abroad: How to Survive Culture Shock main image

Read our tips on how to successfully manage culture shock when moving abroad for university.

How to Survive Your Study Abroad if You're An Introvert main image
by Julia J.

Studying abroad means immersing yourself in a new city and culture, surrounded by people you don't know. For an introvert, it can be overwhelming, which is why we're here to help.

How to Study Abroad: Frequently Asked Questions main image

Want to know how to study abroad? Get all your questions answered here, from applications and student visas to tuition fees and scholarships.