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How You Can Stay Happy and Healthy While Studying at Home main image

Right now it might feel like a bit of a struggle to keep yourself motivated when it comes to studying at home. Here are some tips to help you stay happy, healthy and productive during these strange times.

Studying online courses

Find out how to access free online courses from Harvard University, MIT and many more.

How Can an Online Marketing Degree Boost My Career Prospects? main image

With the opportunity to upskill and enhance your industry knowledge and understanding of current trends – we take a closer look at the additional ways an online marketing degree can be the boost you and your career needs.

TOPUNIVERSITIES study online by date
Is Online Learning as Good as Face-to-Face Learning? main image

The age old debate of online learning vs. face-to-face learning comes back around again as we take a look at the benefits (and challenges) of online education.

Majority of International Students Are Happy to Study Online main image

61 percent of international students have expressed an interest in studying online due to the threat of coronavirus, according to a new QS survey.

How to Tell If a Career in Mental Health is Right For You main image

Considering a career in mental health? You’ll need to be empathetic, meticulous, able to reserve judgement and work well in a multidisciplinary team.

How to Get Ahead As a Public Health Professional main image

Want to climb the rankings in the public health sector? Don’t miss these top career tips.

7 Ways to Learn How to Think Like an Entrepreneur main image

Find out why you need skills as well as talent if you’re to conquer the world of entrepreneurship.