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How to Know If a Flexible Degree Is Right For You main image

Can’t decide between an in-person or an online course? A flexible degree might be the right option for you!

Why It’s Time To Embrace Blended And Online Learning main image

Around the world, students are adapting to a new way of learning. We take a closer look at why blended and online learning has never been so important.

Online Learning: How Have Universities Adapted and What Will Classes Look Like In September? main image

The world of education looks very different to what it did at the start of 2020. So what can we expect it to look like when it comes to the new academic term in September?

TOPUNIVERSITIES study online by date
5 Ways Online Learning is Preparing Business School Grads for Remote Working main image

The coronavirus pandemic has given universities and business schools around the world no choice but to move all learning online. Find out how this is also helping students prepare for remote working when it comes to the world of work after graduating.

How You Can Stay Happy and Healthy While Studying at Home main image

Right now it might feel like a bit of a struggle to keep yourself motivated when it comes to studying at home. Here are some tips to help you stay happy, healthy and productive during these strange times.

Studying online courses

Find out how to access free online courses from Harvard University, MIT and many more.

How Can an Online Marketing Degree Boost My Career Prospects? main image

With the opportunity to upskill and enhance your industry knowledge and understanding of current trends – we take a closer look at the additional ways an online marketing degree can be the boost you and your career needs.

Is Online Learning as Good as Face-to-Face Learning? main image

The age old debate of online learning vs. face-to-face learning comes back around again as we take a look at the benefits (and challenges) of online education.