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Articles with tag 'UK'

Britain's Best Hiking Spots main image
by Lily J.

Get away from your studies and crack out the Ordnance Survey map - here are some of the best countryside hikes you can do in the United Kingdom.

Top Must-See Historical Sites In England main image
by Matthew L.

The United Kingdom has a rich and fascinating history - whether it's a subject that interests you or not, you're sure to find these top historical sites fascinating.

Which Top UK Universities Have the Cheapest Tuition Fees for International Students? main image

Want to study in the UK? Find out which universities have the lowest tuition fees for international students.

Best Study Spots In Manchester main image
by Matthew L.

Bored of sitting in the university library? Here are some of our favorite study spots in Manchester.

Best Places to Catch a Sunset in London main image
by Lily J.

Want to see a spectacular sunset over London and end up with an Instagram pic to die for? Look no further.

Study in the UK: Country Uni or Campus Uni? main image

Not sure whether you'd be better suited for a university based in a UK city or somewhere more rural? We explain the key differences in student experience between the two.

London's Top LGBTQ+ Clubs and Hangouts main image
by Annie W.

London's LGBTQ+ scene is world-renowned, but there's more to explore than just Soho. Here are some of our favorite gay-friendly hangout spots in the UK capital.

Nine Things to Do in London This Autumn  main image

Get in the autumn mood with our ideas for fun activities in the UK capital.