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UK Students: Vote Tactically in the 2017 General Election main image

A new website has launched to help students find out how to vote tactically in the upcoming UK general election.

10 of the Funniest Things Overheard at Cambridge main image

Ever wondered what gets overheard by students at Cambridge University? Check out our list of some of the funniest things heard around the city.

Things To Do in London for Free main image

Heading to London to study? Not everything in the UK capital needs to be expensive. Here are some fun, free and cheap ways to spend your free time.

English Universities to Increase Fees Every Year With Inflation main image

A last-minute bill passed by the UK’s parliament will allow English universities to increase fees every year. Find out more.

Five Myths About Studying Abroad in London Which Need Debunking main image

Don't believe everything you hear about studying in London. These five common myths simply aren't true.

How to Vote in the 2017 UK General Election main image

Don’t miss your opportunity to have a say. Register to vote in the UK general election this June.

England's Tuition Fees Are Now the Most Expensive in the World main image

Fees in England are now 25 times more expensive than those paid by students in France

What Does Brexit Mean for Students? main image

In the wake of the UK referendum on EU membership, what will Brexit mean for students – both domestic and international?