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Articles with tag 'UK'

Why Holding a Vigil for Big Ben is Ridiculous main image

In case you didn’t already think things were crazy, we’re now holding vigils for clocks in the UK.

These Tweets Prove Disappointing Exam Results Shouldn’t Get You Down main image

The #NoWrongPath campaign, launched to coincide with Scottish exam results day, proves undesirable exam results aren’t the end of the world.  

UK Students “Discriminated” Against as Universities Prefer Overseas Applicants main image

UK universities choosing to recruit high-paying overseas students with poor grades instead of top British students.

How One Graduate is Helping Asylum Seekers with their Periods main image

We spoke to Gabby Edlin about her experience of setting up Bloody Good Period and how others can get involved.

Cardiff the Most Affordable City in the UK for Students main image

A new study has named the Welsh capital as the cheapest place to live as a student.

More UK Students Are Graduating with a First Than Ever Before main image

The number of first-class degrees awarded by UK universities has reached an all-time high, with some universities awarding them to over a third of students.

UK University Applications Fall by 4% main image

Data released from UCAS has shown that applications have fallen at UK universities. Find out more.