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Columbia University

Find out which is the best university in each US state, according to the QS World University Rankings: USA 2020.

Coming Soon: QS World University Rankings: USA 2020 main image

For the first time ever, QS is releasing a ranking exclusively focused on the top American universities. FInd out more about how and why this ranking is being released, and what to expect from the results.

How To Defer Your University Offer In the US main image

Worried about changes to your university plans in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak? Find out how deferring your university offer works in the US here. 

Why Are Top Universities in the UK and the US ‘Not Being Chosen by Low Income Students’?  main image

A new study reveals that UK students from low income backgrounds are not choosing to study at top universities. Read on to find out why...

7 Ways to Throw a Student ‘Friendsgiving’ Party This Year main image

Throw the best ‘Friendsgiving’ party this year with our seven top tips!

Thanksgiving Traditions at Top US Universities

Thanksgiving is about more than just eating too much pie - find out some of the festive traditions at top US universities here.

The Ultimate California Coast Road Trip
by Carly W.

Find out how to have the best trip of your life, cruising down the Pacific Coast Highway.

5 Reasons Why You Should Study Abroad in New York City
by Carly W.

If you're thinking about the Big Apple for studying abroad, find out why it could be the best decision you ever make...