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7 Ways to Throw a Student ‘Friendsgiving’ Party This Year main image

Throw the best ‘Friendsgiving’ party this year with our seven top tips!

Thanksgiving Traditions at Top US Universities

Thanksgiving is about more than just eating too much pie - find out some of the festive traditions at top US universities here.

The Ultimate California Coast Road Trip
by Carly W.

Find out how to have the best trip of your life, cruising down the Pacific Coast Highway.

10 of the Cheapest Student Cities in the US in 2019 main image

Discover the 10 most affordable US cities for students in 2019, based on the latest QS Best Student Cities index.

Top 10 Best Student Cities in the US in 2019 main image

Discover which US cities were ranked among the top 100 places in the world to be a student, based on the QS Best Student Cities 2019 index.

Top Universities in New York City: Columbia or NYU? main image

Want to study at one of the top universities in New York City? Find out how Columbia University and New York University compare.

10 of the Best US Universities for Graduate Employability 2020 main image

Discover which 10 US universities came highest for graduate employability, based on the QS Graduate Employability Rankings 2020.

Five Reasons to Visit Los Angeles main image
by Meg D.

LA should be on everyone's travel itinerary if they are visiting the US. Here are five of our favorite things about the home of Hollywood.