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14 Tweets Every Student with January Exams Can Relate To

14 Tweets Every Student with January Exams Can Relate To main image

As if January wasn’t depressing enough, many of us also have to face the prospect of January exams. We all know the struggle: it’s hard to get motivated, you find yourself taking the occasional “study break” a bit too often, and the university library has become your second home. If you were up early this morning to make sure you got a decent seat in the library, the following tweets should be all too familiar…

When you’re all too aware that Christmas is well and truly over

You really did mean to start revising…


It’s reached the point where you’re procrastinating by doing literally anything else

Your revision notes accurately portray your state of mind

And you don’t even know what you’re meant to be doing

You find yourself in a vicious cycle

And you’re counting the days until February

You’re so tired from all the revision that you make a mistake and have way too much caffeine

The day of your exam is here, but you were up the whole night cramming/panicking…

You didn’t revise a certain topic, which is probably only tempting fate…

You take your seat in the exam, open the paper, and your stomach sinks

Afterwards, you don’t feel very comforted by hearing your friends’ thoughts on the exam

But at least now your exams are all done, and you can have a social life again

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