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19 of the Most Frustrating Things That Happen at the Start of Every New Term at University

19 of the Most Frustrating Things That Happen at the Start of Every New Term at University main image

If you’ve just started back at university, you’ll know that every new term brings a multitude of extremely frustrating things. If this is your first ever term at uni, read on to find out about the 19 frustrating things that you will encounter every new term!

1. Having to go to a lecture at THE CRACK OF DAWN (aka 9am)


No one should have to get up this early.

2. You mess up on the first page of your brand new notebook when you were trying so hard to make it neat.


It’s still neat… one mistake doesn’t matter. Right?

3. You swear you’re going to be on time for your lectures this year, but then get distracted and end up walking in late with coffee.

If you didn’t want me to turn up late with coffee, you should have made the lecture later on in the day. Not my fault.

4. You go to one lecture where the lecturer just reads directly off the slides, and you really just wish you hadn’t gone.

I got out of bed for this.

5. This same lecturer is the one who tells you to order three super expensive books for their module.

What do you mean $75 per textbook?! That’s a joke right?

6. You try to make this money up by selling your textbooks from last term, and realize old textbooks aren’t as valuable as new ones.

You can’t even buy a used one because you need the online code!

7. You’re all ready to go home and have a nap but one student WON’T STOP ASKING QUESTIONS! 


Please stop. Nobody cares.

8. You also can’t keep track of the names of all the new people you keep meeting, which leads to some pretty embarrassing situations.

So sorry, that email was actually intended for my brain… I must have got you two confused. Won’t happen again.

9. Your new timetable says you have two classes five minutes apart, both on opposite sides of campus.



10. You decide this fits in with your ‘new term new you’ fitness regime, which lasts for approximately two days.


Finally, a real use for the treadmill.

11. This also applies to your new term healthy eating plan. You also give this up after two days.


You can’t say no to freshers fair pizza. We don’t make the rules.

12. After a long summer of no uni work, you are suddenly given 7287783273 university assignments all due tomorrow.

Aghhh how has this happened?!

13. At least two of these university assignments will be group projects. The group you are put with will not be people you like.

Where do they even find these people?!

14. There will be one person in the group who doesn’t do any work at all.

You can be sure they will take the credit for your hard work thoough.

15. You also find out what the layout is like for your modules this term. It’s not pretty!


Wait. I have to actually turn up to lectures now? I never agreed to this…

16. Your decision to do the assigned reading before each class doesn’t work out like you thought it would, as it turns out other things are more interesting. Like Netflix, or napping.

Hate it when these things happen, but what can you do?

17. In fact, your entire motivation for this year melts away very quickly

Hmm… motivational YouTube videos will fix this.

18. If you’ve just moved house at the start of the new term, you’ll naturally try to make it look aesthetically pleasing and clean. Once you’ve lived in it for a week, however, it just becomes super messy again.


Oh well, at least you tried.

19. Despite all this, you realize how much you love uni and that you never want to leave.


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Written by Chloe Lane
A Content Writer for TopUniversities.com, Chloe has a bachelor’s degree in Economics from the University of Reading and grew up in Leicestershire, UK. 

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