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5 Halloween Costumes That Will Terrify Students

5 Halloween Costumes That Will Terrify Students main image

With only a few days left until Halloween, it’s likely that you’re getting slightly panicky about what Halloween costume you should wear this year. Don’t worry –we have it covered with some of the most fear inducing Halloween costumes ever created!

Read on to discover five brilliant costumes for students which will make you look and feel fang-tastic!

The Deadline

This costume is guaranteed to send shivers down the spine of any student. For maximum effect, find students who should be doing work instead of being at this party…

What you’ll need:

  • 1 x plain white t-shirt
  • Some fake blood
  • A Sharpie or fabric pen (in a color of your choice)

How to make the costume:

To make this costume, all you have to do is draw a line on the white t shirt with your marker pen – now you have the ‘line’ part. For the ‘dead’ part, just throw fake blood all over yourself. Dead easy. 

How to scare your friends:

All you have to do is sneak up on people when they aren’t expecting it– deadlines tend to do that!

How to ghost-bust

Read our tips on for getting better organized at uni, to stop sneaky deadlines catching you out.

The Early Lecture

Early lecture

Is there anything scarier than a lecture first thing in the morning?! We don’t think so. 

What you’ll need:

  • A large box (although of course, this depends on how big you want your clock to be).
  • 1 x round object e.g. a mixing bowl
  • Some paint- white and two more colors
  • Paint brushes
  • Scissors

How to make the costume:

First of all, flatten the cardboard box out on the floor. Then place the round object on top of it and stencil the outside.

Next, it’s time to paint the inside of your stencil with the white paint. Wait for this to dry and then cut out the shape. Then, using the other two colors, paint the numbers and the clock hands, set to a horrifyingly early hour.

When this is dry, attach it to whatever you’re already wearing, and you’re all sorted.

How to scare your friends:

When people ask you about your costume, just start lecturing them about a topic of your choice. This is also a good costume if you’re not really feeling the socializing aspect of Halloween.

How to ghost-bust:

To get to those tricky morning lectures on time, read our tips on time management.

Freshers’ Flu Zombie

This one is particularly scary for freshers, as for many, it will become a reality. For students in second, third or fourth year, this will be a horrifying reminder of freshers’ flu.

What you’ll need:

  • A t-shirt with your university’s logo
  • White face powder (to make you look pale)
  • Black eyeshadow (for the dark rings underneath your eyes)

How to make the costume:

Powder your face white for that deathly flu look and apply the black eyeshadow underneath your eyes to create dark rings (or add to the ones you already have). Alternatively, if you are a fresher with freshers’ flu, just go as yourself.

How to scare your friends:

Talk in a husky voice all evening and pretend to sneeze and cough everywhere you go. As with the early lecture costume, this one may also drive people away from you.

How to ghost-bust:

Read our handy tips on how to avoid (or at least cope with) freshers’ flu.

The Impending Real World

This is a costume that’ll induce fear into the soul of any third-year student (or at least the ones who don’t yet have jobs lined up after graduation).

What you’ll need:

  • Gather recruitment flyers for your favorite (most intimidating) graduate employers. Bonus points if they’re from banks or accounting firms.
  • A suit, or any other fancy clothes, to look like you have your life together.

How to make the costume:

Put the recruitment flyers in the pocket of your suit, and hand them out to your friends.

How to scare your friends:

Talk a lot about the current economic climate and have a list of graduate employability statistics ready to quote at any given moment. Also try to mention graduate jobs whenever possible, to send that extra shiver down their spines.

How to ghost-bust:

Get started on the graduate job search early with our guide on how to find a job after university.

The Bad Housemate 

Nearly every student has to deal with having a terrible housemate at some point. Whether this is someone who leaves their dirty dishes out until they grow mold, someone who steals your food when it’s CLEARLY LABELLED, or someone who wakes you up in the middle of the night without warning – we’ve all been there!

What better way to scare your fellow students than by becoming the housemate they came to this party to avoid in the first place?!

What you’ll need:

Just yourself. Perhaps a loud instrument.

How to scare your friends:

Be very loud and annoying. If you’re at a house party, maybe steal their milk.

How to ghost-bust:

Avoid living with people you dislike by checking out our top tips on choosing a good housemate at university.

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