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7 Steps to Study in London

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1. Research universities in London thoroughly

I knew I wanted to study in London and I was sure that I wanted to do a Masters in Marketing. So I started my research of universities in London by checking the QS World University Rankings® and searching in Google. I chose a selection of universities in London, and by checking the websites of each I narrowed them down to those which offered a program in marketing for the price that I could afford. Next, I went through the subjects that were to be covered in each university and surfed sections of the website such as news and events, faculty and alumni, as well as social media pages… and made my choice!

2. Allow plenty of time for your application

When applying to study in London, I would recommend starting at least six months in advance and having your IELTS test passed by then. I needed two reference letters, so I took one from my employer and one from the university where I did my bachelor’s. I also had to write a motivation letter about why I wanted to study in London at that particular university. And since I was an international student, the university issued a CASS number for my visa application. The university application itself might not take long, but all the paperwork that overseas students have to do requires a lot of time.

3. Be prepared for “culture shock”

My first month of student life in London was challenging, but very exciting! I arrived in late September, so London weather left much to be desired. It rained a lot, I had a language barrier, and because of the time difference I couldn’t really talk to my family back home when I wanted. At the same time, every day I would meet people from different corners of the world, learn about their culture and cuisine, and learn a couple of words, like “hello" and "thank you”, in their language. I also went discovering the city and found myself next to the big London landmarks I used to see in English language books at school, which was amazing. 

4. Get involved in career development activities

One of the main highlights of my student life in London was the opportunity for career development and networking. Every marketing student at my university became an affiliate at The Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM). As a part of CIM, every now and then we would have lectures where experienced marketing professionals would come and speak about their successful marketing campaign or current trends in marketing according to their research. Students and alumni could attend lectures like this and networking sessions that took place afterwards for free.

We also had a residential weekend that gathered September and January cohorts together outside London, in a venue in beautiful Buckinghamshire, where we had a simulation game as if each group of students were running a company and had to compete against each other. 

5. Travel around the UK

In the UK everything is very close, the transportation system is amazing, traveling is easy and there are student discounts. All you need is good company! So every other weekend me and my friends would take a train or a bus and have a day trip to a different city. That is how I went to Cambridge, Oxford, Brighton, Bath and other UK cities.

6. Keep a balance between studies and city

I guess the biggest challenge of student life in London is not to get carried away with everything that the city has to offer. To study in London, especially for a master’s degree and for international students in particular, requires dedication and time. There will be a lot to learn at lectures and even more left to learn through self-study. And since there is a lot to read, it’s important to keep up with the schedule. At the same time there is a lot to discover in the city – the history, culture, people and social life. It’s important to keep the balance between the studies and the city.

7. Go for it!

My final advice if you want to study in London? Pursue every opportunity, don’t be scared, be willing to learn, willing to experience and share, and you will see how intensive and colorful your student life in London can be. 

Originally from Kazakhstan, Aizhan Konysbayeva completed a Masters in Marketing at London’s Westminster Business School, part of the University of Westminster. To find out more about opportunities to study in London at Westminster Business School, register your interest at QS Course Finder and our support team will be in touch to assist you through the application.

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