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Five Things You Shouldn't Do Over the Holidays

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With students around the world cramming for exams before their holidays, I have a sneaky suspicion that “partying” will swiftly replace “learning” at the top of their priority lists the second they step out of the exam hall.

Yes, you definitely deserve a break and a bit of a boogie after experiencing actual adult-levels of stress for a concentrated period of time, but have you ever thought that overdoing the hedonism may not be ideal in the long run? No? I didn’t think so.

Anyway, here are five things I wouldn’t suggest during the holidays:

1) Eat continuously in order to please your family

You should still be vigilant against the Freshman 15 during the holidays. You don’t want people to think you were very “comfortable” (code word for fat) during the break.

2) Tell too many “you had to be there” stories

Yeah, I’m sure that story was hilarious for you; you know the people, you know your university… but to those who weren’t there, it’s possibly the most boring thing on earth.  If you find yourself laughing alone after every story you tell, and people slowly (or rapidly, both apply) turning their bodies away from you, it’s time to zip it and give others a chance to talk.

3) Adopt an animal for two weeks

You may love it now, but in 2 weeks’ time, you’re going to have to go back to university. Your new pet will either have to go with you (will most likely cost you a fortune), or you’re going to have to abandon it. Save everyone the heart ache and just google pictures of cute animals instead.

4) Kill too many brain cells

Scientists out there, you know this one’s quite important. Now, Google hasn’t been able to tell me exactly whether brain cells grow back or not,  but one thing’s pretty certain. If you crammed for your exams, the vast amount of knowledge you gained during that time is going to take some effort to retain; look up short/long-term memory.

If you still need that information after exams, it’s best not to proactively participate in activities that kill off too many brain cells.

5) Just sit there and not lift a finger to help out

Your parents may be glad you’re home and wish to pamper you with love, but don’t be “that guy (or girl)” and just sit there expecting to be waited on hand and foot. Show that you’re now a strong, independent adult and offer to help out once in a while. (It may earn you some extra brownie points for later.)

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Written by Vickie C.

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