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Quiz: How Much of a Stereotypical Millennial Are You?

Quiz: How Much of a Stereotypical Millennial Are You? main image

If you’re currently at university or a recent graduate then you probably fall within the luckless generation of millennials who, if you believe the newspapers, are responsible for ruining the diamond industry, are apparently too lazy to make cereal, and can’t afford to buy a house because they spend all their money on avocado on toast.

Obviously, there’s not a great deal of truth to any of these stereotypes, as pretty much every generation gets criticized by its elders for being lazy and useless. That said, we thought we’d find out how closely you live up to every negative millennial stereotype we could think of.

Let’s find out, shall we?

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"You've definitely got some millennial traits about you, but you don't completely conform to the stereotypes either, which is probably for the best. "

Yup that's about it. I'm on the fence :)