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10 Things I Wish I’d Known Before Studying Abroad in the US main image
19 Feb 2015
Preparing to study abroad? Check out these 10 pearls of wisdom, from a UK student returned from a year abroad in the US.
Why the Year Abroad Shouldn’t be the Best Year of Your Life main image
15 Jan 2015
Planning to spend a year abroad during your studies? Find out why it WILL be great – but it still shouldn’t be the best year of your life.
5 Startup Lessons from an Online Entrepreneur main image
14 Jan 2015
Want to start your own business? Take on board these five key startup lessons from the online entrepreneur behind student platform Docsity.
TOPUNIVERSITIES advice by date
How to Prepare for Exams and Meet Assignment Deadlines main image
10 Jun 2014
Find out how to prepare for exams by creating a study plan and setting personal goals.
Budget Travel in Europe: A Student’s Guide main image
16 Apr 2014
Want to travel in Europe on a tight budget? Get some top tips from international student Felix, who’s just completed his ‘grand tour’.
The IELTS Exam: Advice from a Successful Test-Taker main image
10 Apr 2014
Worried about taking the IELTS exam? It may not be as hard as you think, according to one successful test-taker.
The Terror of Private Student Loans in the US main image
01 Apr 2014
Find out why it’s so important to read the small print before signing up for private student loans in the US.
What is a Gap Year? main image
31 Mar 2014
Answer the question “What is a Gap Year?” and find out all you need to know about the gap year, whether you’re a student or parent.