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What Can You Do With a Marketing Degree? main image
25 Sep 2018
What can you do with a marketing degree? Find out what types of marketing careers are available – including typical, less typical and emerging roles.
Five Habits to Keep You Healthy at Work main image
18 Dec 2017
Stay healthy in the workplace by getting enough exercise and maintaining a varied diet.
The Best Smartphone Apps to Use When Looking for A Job main image
17 Nov 2017
Put your smartphone to good use by turning it into a jobseeking assistant.
TOPUNIVERSITIES careers by date
How to Create a Personal Website main image
09 Feb 2017
Want to create a personal website to market your skills or share your experiences? Here’s how.
5 University Dropouts Who Did (More Than) OK main image
03 Feb 2017
While completing your degree probably IS a good idea, these five examples prove that dropping out is far from the end of the road.
5 Videos You Must Watch Before You Study Engineering main image
31 Jan 2017
Planning to study engineering? Watch these 5 videos for tips on choosing the right math class, boosting your employability and more…
The Dos and Don’ts of Video CVs main image
06 Jan 2017
Want to get your personality across to recruiters? A video CV could be the answer – but only if you do it right…
Can You Solve These 3 Fiendish Recruitment Puzzles?  main image
16 Dec 2016
Pride yourself on your problem-solving abilities? Test your skills with these three recruitment challenges from leading employers.