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TOPUNIVERSITIES competitions by date
Study Abroad Photo Competition: Meet the Winners! main image
19 Aug 2015
We asked students to share a photo of their study abroad experience, and the results were incredible – meet our photo competition winners!
New Photo Competition: Share Your Study Abroad Experience main image
03 Jul 2015
We want to see the best photos from your study abroad experience! Enter our new photo competition and you could win some great prizes…
Top 7 Student Competitions in Europe for Fall 2014 main image
25 Nov 2014
Keen to win some prizes and show off your talents? Discover 7 of the best student competitions in Europe this season.
TOPUNIVERSITIES competitions by date
How Student Competitions Can Complement Your Studies main image
04 Mar 2014
Find out how student competitions can form part of your overall education and development.
Six Reasons to Participate in Student Competitions main image
08 Oct 2013
Find out how student competitions could help you achieve your ambitions, from studying abroad to landing your dream job.
Top 10 Student Competitions main image
02 Oct 2013
Check out these top 10 student competitions, with prizes including full scholarships to continue your studies.