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Reasons You Should Take a Gap Year Before Going to University main image
13 Apr 2018
Taking a break before going to university has all sorts of benefits. Here's why you should start planning a gap year.
7 Reasons to Take Part in a Medical Gap Year Project main image
26 Sep 2016
Considering a medical placement abroad? Check out these 7 reasons to complete a medical gap year project.
The Art of Taking a Gap Year main image
12 Mar 2015
Planning a gap year? Learn how to make the most of the experience with these five key lessons.
TOPUNIVERSITIES gap year by date
7 Unusual Gap Year Opportunities main image
20 Jan 2015
Looking for interesting things to do on your year out? Check out these unusual gap year opportunities, at locations worldwide.
Why the Year Abroad Shouldn’t be the Best Year of Your Life main image
15 Jan 2015
Planning to spend a year abroad during your studies? Find out why it WILL be great – but it still shouldn’t be the best year of your life.
Gap Year Jobs to Match your Degree main image
26 Aug 2014
Planning your gap year? Find out how to choose a gap year job that will prepare you for your future studies and career.
What is a Gap Year? main image
31 Mar 2014
Answer the question “What is a Gap Year?” and find out all you need to know about the gap year, whether you’re a student or parent.
Benefits of a Volunteering Gap Year main image
28 Feb 2013
Florence on why you should consider spending your gap year out volunteering.