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TOPUNIVERSITIES grad school by date
What is a PhD? main image
24 Jan 2020
Get an answer to the question “What is a PhD?” including information on PhD admissions requirements, PhD applications and PhD alternatives.
Types of Master’s Degrees main image
21 Jan 2020
Find out about different types of master’s degrees, including information on entry requirements, coursework type and professional outcomes.
PhD Funding Around the World main image
07 May 2019
Looking for ways to finance a PhD? Get advice on sources of PhD funding around the world.
TOPUNIVERSITIES grad school by date
5 Ways to Sabotage Your Own Grad School Application main image
23 Aug 2016
 Applying to grad school? Make sure to avoid these 5 common mistakes! 
3 Signs You’re Ready for Grad School main image
25 Jul 2016
Not sure whether grad school is for you? See if you can say ‘yes’ to these three signs showing you’re ready for a graduate degree. 
3 Common Misconceptions About the GRE main image
07 Jun 2016
Think you know all about the GRE? Think again! We investigate three common misconceptions, and the true picture behind them.
What is Grad School? main image
26 Nov 2015
Not sure what the words “grad school” mean? Get up to scratch with our quick overview of types of grad school and postgraduate degree.
How to Achieve Study-Life Balance in Grad School lead image
19 Oct 2015
Struggling to juggle grad school with a job, family or other commitments? Find out how one student achieved the perfect study-life balance.