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The Pros and Cons of Doing a Placement Year main image
14 Aug 2017
More and more undergraduate courses offer the opportunity to spend a year in industry, experiencing what it's like to work in the field you're interested in. But should you do one?
How to Fund an Internship in the UK main image
07 Dec 2015
Want to gain work experience, but deterred by the costs involved? Follow these tips to make an internship in the UK financially viable.
7 Unusual Gap Year Opportunities main image
20 Jan 2015
Looking for interesting things to do on your year out? Check out these unusual gap year opportunities, at locations worldwide.
TOPUNIVERSITIES internships by date
How to Adapt to Life After Graduation main image
22 Oct 2014
Just finished your studies and have no idea what to do next? Don’t worry! Follow these steps to help you adapt to life after graduation.
How to Find Engineering Internships main image
06 Oct 2014
Looking for engineering internships? Follow these tips on how to find, apply for and excel in an engineering placement.
How to Boost Your CV While You Study main image
11 Sep 2014
Want to make sure you’re ready to impress potential employers? Find out how to boost your CV and demonstrate essential transferable skills.
How to Find an Internship Abroad main image
04 Sep 2014
Want to boost your résumé with an international internship? Choose one of these three strategies to find an internship abroad.
7 Essential Skype Interview Tips main image
14 Aug 2014
Got a video interview coming up? Find out how to prepare and what to avoid during your interview with our Skype and video interview tips.