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What is a PhD? main image
24 Jan 2020
Get an answer to the question “What is a PhD?” including information on PhD admissions requirements, PhD applications and PhD alternatives.
PhD Funding Around the World main image
07 May 2019
Looking for ways to finance a PhD? Get advice on sources of PhD funding around the world.
5 of Europe’s Best Destinations for Low-Cost PhD Study main image
24 Aug 2018
Want to study a PhD without paying over the odds? Discover five European destinations with low (or no) PhD tuition fees.
The Truth Behind 7 Common PhD Myths main image
01 Apr 2015
Think PhDs are just for geniuses, geeks and future academics? Wrong! Discover the truth behind the most prevalent PhD myths.
Celebrities with PhDs main image
30 Mar 2015
Meet this clever bunch of celebrities with PhDs, as well as a few lucky celebrities who’ve been awarded honorary degrees.
Is Now the Right Time to do a PhD? main image
09 Oct 2014
Not sure whether now is the right time to apply for a PhD? Read this checklist to help you make the choice.
How to Find a PhD That’s Right for You main image
07 Jul 2014
Starting your PhD search? Get advice on how to find a PhD that’s right for you, from a student who’s already been through the process.
6 Essential Study Tips for the PhD Student main image
12 Feb 2014
What makes a PhD student successful, productive and happy? Check out these six essential study tips for the PhD student.