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What is a PhD? main image
24 Jan 2020
Get an answer to the question “What is a PhD?” including information on PhD admissions requirements, PhD applications and PhD alternatives.
PhD Funding Around the World main image
07 May 2019
Looking for ways to finance a PhD? Get advice on sources of PhD funding around the world.
10 Reasons Why Postgraduate Study Might Be Right For You main image
25 Jan 2018
Enjoying uni so much you never want to leave? That’s just one sign a postgraduate degree might be for you. Here are nine more.
TOPUNIVERSITIES postgraduate by date
Reasons to Consider Further Study After a Degree  main image
03 Nov 2017
In your final year and not sure what to do after you graduate? Here's why you should consider staying at uni.
Is A Postgraduate Degree Right for You? main image
11 Aug 2017
Not sure if staying on at university is the right thing to do? These are the questions you should be asking yourself first.
3 Signs You’re Ready for Grad School main image
25 Jul 2016
Not sure whether grad school is for you? See if you can say ‘yes’ to these three signs showing you’re ready for a graduate degree. 
3 Common Misconceptions About the GRE main image
07 Jun 2016
Think you know all about the GRE? Think again! We investigate three common misconceptions, and the true picture behind them.
How to Apply for a Master in Management (MIM) main image
26 Jan 2016
Want to study a Master in Management (MIM)? Follow these six steps to improve your chances of submitting a successful application.