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TOPUNIVERSITIES relationships by date
The 9 Most Romantic Places to Study Abroad main image
11 Feb 2020
Want to find love during your studies, or choose a city to visit with your loved one? Discover nine of the world’s most romantic cities for studying abroad.
Quiz: What Should You Treat Yourself to this Valentine's? main image
13 Feb 2018
Look after the most important person in the world this Valentine's Day: you.
What's the Most Embarrassing Date You've Ever Been On? main image
12 Feb 2018
Ahead of Valentine's Day, we asked people to share some of their most embarassing romantic moments.
TOPUNIVERSITIES relationships by date
Things You’ll Only Get If Your Other Half Speaks a Different Language main image
12 Jun 2017
In a bilingual couple? Do any of these 7 tell-signs ring a little too close home?
6 Ways to Make Long Distance Relationships Work  main image
10 Feb 2016
Dreaming of studying abroad but not sure you and your partner can survive long distance? Read our tips on how to make it work.
Student Life in Germany main image
13 Feb 2014
Find out what to expect from student life in Germany with this guide from Felix – a Californian student in Germany.
Five Unwritten Rules of University Dating main image
03 Aug 2012
Keep heartache or humiliation of university dating to a minimum.
Seven Reasons Why You Should Avoid Professor-Student Relationships main image
22 Jun 2012
If you need reasons to avoid professor-student relationships, we got plenty...