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TOPUNIVERSITIES scholarships by date
7 Stages of Scholarship Applications main image
02 Sep 2016
Planning to apply for scholarships? Get ready to go through the seven stages of scholarship applications…            
Top 3 Misconceptions About Scholarships: Busted main image
14 Sep 2015
Think there’s no scholarship out there for you, or that you don’t have time to apply? Get the true picture about scholarship opportunities.
Who Should Pay University Fees: Students or Parents? main image
12 Jun 2015
Who should cover university costs – students or parents? We asked students for their views, and you might be surprised what they said!
TOPUNIVERSITIES scholarships by date
10 Myths Stopping You Applying for Scholarships main image
15 Apr 2015
Think you have no chance of getting a scholarship? Find out why you’re wrong. We reveal the truth behind 10 common misconceptions. 
How to Get Funding to Study in the US main image
29 Dec 2014
Want to study in the US but need financial aid? Check out these five ways to find funding.
Top 7 Student Competitions in Europe for Fall 2014 main image
25 Nov 2014
Keen to win some prizes and show off your talents? Discover 7 of the best student competitions in Europe this season.
How to Write a Scholarship Application Cover Letter main image
10 Sep 2014
Applying for scholarships? Get advice on how to write a successful scholarship application cover letter.
Why Study Abroad? Five Reasons... main image
07 Mar 2014
Why study abroad? Get an overview of some of the most common answers to this question, based on surveys of students worldwide.