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TOPUNIVERSITIES starting university by date
What to Do If You’re Not Enjoying University main image
09 Oct 2019
Find out what you should do if you're really not enjoying university. 
What I Wish I'd Known as a Fresher main image
24 Sep 2019
We ask seven students what they wish they’d known when they started university.
17 Feelings You’ll Have Starting University main image
16 Sep 2019
Here are just a few of the several million feelings you will have when starting university for the first time.
TOPUNIVERSITIES starting university by date
9 Practical Things To Do When You Start Univeristy  main image
06 Sep 2019
Find out what practical things you need to get in order before the fun begins at uni!
How to Stay Healthy During Freshers’ Week main image
30 Aug 2019
Think staying healthy in freshers’ week is impossible? Take a look at our top tips on how to stay healthy during this year’s freshers’ week.
Social media dos and don’ts at university main image
27 Aug 2019
Use social media to your benefit at university with our social media dos and don’ts.  
Most Helpful Apps for Students main image
18 Feb 2019
Discover the best apps for students, including apps that record lectures, track nutrition and help you revise like a pro.
6 Essential Tips for Freshers’ Week main image
21 Sep 2018
Heading to university for the first time? Get some important tips on how to make the most of the first weeks and days.