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TOPUNIVERSITIES student blogs by date
Top TU Articles of 2017 main image
18 Dec 2017
Looking back at the most popular stories and features on TopUniversities over the last 12 months.
10 of the Best Student Blogs for Millennial Life main image
15 Nov 2016
Looking to start your own blog, or wondering which student bloggers to follow? Get inspired by these 10 awesome student blogs. 
7 Tips to Get Published as a Student Blogger main image
13 Oct 2016
So you think you can write? Here are 7 tips to get published as a student blogger.
TOPUNIVERSITIES student blogs by date
Why On Earth Should I Blog? main image
13 Apr 2015
Ever considered starting a blog? Find out why starting a blog is not just easy, but also full of personal and professional benefits.
7 Reasons to Become a Blogger at University main image
09 Apr 2015
Find out how contributing to a blog could boost your online presence, help establish valuable connections, and increase your skillset while you study.
How to Start Blogging at University main image
27 Mar 2015
Want to start a student blog while at university? Find out how to start blogging, how to increase your audience and how to become a guest blogger.
Myths & Misconceptions About English Literature Degrees main image
25 Mar 2015
No, it’s not all just Shakespeare, and you don’t have to become a teacher… Find out what it’s really like to study an English literature degree.
How to Gain Writing Experience While Studying main image
23 Mar 2015
Want to build up your writing portfolio before you graduate? Here are 5 great ways to gain writing experience while you study.