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TOPUNIVERSITIES study destinations by date
Best Places to Visit in the US main image
18 Aug 2017
Fancy a trip to the US? Find out which destinations should be at the top of your list. Warning: may cause wanderlust…
Test Your Knowledge of April Fools’ Day Around the World main image
31 Mar 2017
Take our quiz to test your knowledge of April Fool’s Day traditions around the world! 
8 Things You’ll Discover When First Moving to the UK main image
17 Mar 2017
Are you getting to set to move to the UK to study abroad? Read about the surprising things you’ll discover after arriving. 
TOPUNIVERSITIES study destinations by date
Can You Guess These Countries From Just One Image? main image
15 Mar 2017
Think you know your world geography? Put your knowledge to the test with our quiz.
7 of the Best Small Student Cities main image
23 Feb 2017
Want to study abroad but not keen on huge metropolises? Check out our list of the best small student cities. 
Quiz: How Montréal Are You? main image
22 Feb 2017
Montréal has been ranked as the world’s top city for students. How well do you fit in with the locals? Take our short quiz to find out!Quiz: How Montréal Are You?[JJB1]  [JJB1]Could be ‘What % Montréaler Are You?’
11 Reasons NOT to Study in Canada main image
20 Feb 2017
So you want to study in Canada? Find out why it’s actually a terrible choice, with these pictures from Instagram.
4 of the Best Vloggers for Student Life in Paris main image
20 Feb 2017
Want to study abroad in Paris? Check out what these 4 vloggers have to say about the city of love.