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What to Do in the Summer of Second Year main image
02 Aug 2018
Get ideas on how to make the most of your long summer break.
Best Cheap Things to Do This Summer main image
15 Jun 2018
Looking for ways to make the summer more exciting that won't involve breaking the bank? Here are some of our top tips.
12 Books Universities Want You to Read this Summer main image
01 Aug 2017
Looking for a book to take to the beach? Here’s what your tutors want you to be reading.
TOPUNIVERSITIES summer by date
How to Make the Most of Your Summer Break main image
28 Jul 2017
Even if you haven't got anything planned for the next few months, it's not too late to have a productive summer.
How to Cope in a Heatwave main image
19 Jul 2017
The sun’s out and you’re a bit too warm…here are some ways to survive the next heatwave.
8 Important Things You'll Learn While Volunteering Abroad main image
05 Jul 2017
Volunteering abroad will change your life for the better. Here are eight reasons why you should give it a go
How to Earn Money While You Travel main image
28 Jun 2017
Traveling the world is amazing, but can also be expensive. Follow these tips to find work and earn money while you travel and keep your bank balance in the black.
Seven Small European Festivals to be Excited About this Summer main image
01 Jun 2017
Want to explore Europe this year? Discover seven of the best music festivals on the continent this year.