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10 Books That Let You Travel the World From Your Bedroom main image
23 Apr 2020
Looking for some literary escapism? Find out some of the best travel books to transport you...
10 Most Beautiful Places in Latin America main image
31 Oct 2018
Don’t miss these 10 beautiful places to see during your study abroad experience in Latin America.
What to Decide Before You Go Traveling After University main image
16 Mar 2018
Planning on seeing the world after graduation? Holly Read shares her travel tips.
TOPUNIVERSITIES travel by date
7 Instagram Images that Capture the Study Abroad Experience main image
16 Jul 2015
Got an urge to explore the world? Here are seven beautiful images from Instagram that’ll make you want your own study abroad experience!
10 Beautiful Images of India from Instagram main image
14 Jul 2015
Seeking inspiration for your travels? Check out these 10 beautiful images of India, showing off 10 unique perspectives on this captivating country.
Human Vs Machine Translation: Who Wins? main image
06 Jul 2015
Which is better – a human or machine translation? Find out what happened when the two were pitted against one another.
10 Beautiful Images of Asia from Instagram main image
03 Jul 2015
Take a virtual tour of Asia with these 10 beautiful images from across the region, taken by talented Instagrammers.
10 Things You Didn’t Know About the Czech Republic main image
03 Jul 2015
Planning to visit the Czech Republic? Get 10 angles on the country and its people – from traditions and social etiquette to salaries and ex-pat life.