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TOPUNIVERSITIES work experience by date
How to Get More from Your Placement Year main image
18 Aug 2016
Completing a work placement year as part of your degree? Find out what to expect, and how to get the most out of the experience.
How to Fund an Internship in the UK main image
07 Dec 2015
Want to gain work experience, but deterred by the costs involved? Follow these tips to make an internship in the UK financially viable.
How to Approach Companies for Work Experience main image
17 Nov 2015
How can you secure a work experience placement alongside your studies? Follow these simple steps.
TOPUNIVERSITIES work experience by date
How to Start Blogging at University main image
27 Mar 2015
Want to start a student blog while at university? Find out how to start blogging, how to increase your audience and how to become a guest blogger.
How to Gain Writing Experience While Studying main image
23 Mar 2015
Want to build up your writing portfolio before you graduate? Here are 5 great ways to gain writing experience while you study.
How to Find Work When You Are Studying main image
06 Feb 2015
Looking for student jobs? Get ahead of the job hunting game with these tips on where and how to search most effectively.
How to Boost Your CV While You Study main image
11 Sep 2014
Want to make sure you’re ready to impress potential employers? Find out how to boost your CV and demonstrate essential transferable skills.
Student Internships: The FUEL Method for Success main image
08 May 2014
Applying for student internships? Follow the FUEL checklist to make sure your internship experience is both enjoyable and effective.