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Why Student Volunteering?

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Moynaa Aparajit

Updated May 14, 2024



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Considering getting involved in some student volunteering at university? Go for it!

University life is all about the experiences – or at least so we are told. While studying and partying may take up a lot of your time, making space for some voluntary work can really add value to your overall university experience.

Here are my top reasons to get involved in student volunteering at university...

1. Make a difference

First and foremost, student volunteering is of course a great way to make a real contribution to a cause you feel strongly about. For some, choosing a cause or charity is the hard part, while others may already have one in mind. Look at the list of societies that are part of your university, and you’ll probably find all the big names already established there: Amnesty, Save the Children, Water Aid, Cancer Research and the list goes on.

Consider what you feel most strongly about, whether it’s children, cancer, stroke, heart disease, animals, the environment, or something else. After this, look at the mission statements of the charities that match what you’re empathetic about, read about what the society based at your university does, and if possible go and meet them to get a better idea.

2. Have amazing new experiences

The chance to participate in new experiences is a big part of the appeal of student volunteering, and the more involved you get, the greater a sense of satisfaction you’ll receive. You could find yourself standing outside a lecture hall with a bucket to fundraise, showing off your baking skills for a bake sale, doing a tandem sky-dive, running races, doing an epic bike ride, hosting a fashion show, competing in a dance off, building a well in a developing country... the list is endless.

Volunteering can be as fun as you want to make it, and really caters to everyone. If you are an adrenalin junkie you can use that passion to sky-dive or climb a mountain, or if you’re a fashionista, be part of a fashion show to help your cause. You can always find something – and if it doesn’t already exist, start it up yourself!

3. Meet new people

It’s not just about the fundraising; volunteering also means getting to meet people with a similar passion. This is also a chance to learn a lot, because of the diversity of the people you’ll be working alongside – all bringing different perspectives, experiences and skills.

If you’re studying abroad, you may find you get a new perspective on both local and global causes, and a new desire to help. Having encountered a new culture may place you in a better position to do so, adding to your experience and knowledge.

4. Boost your employment prospects

When you go for a job interview, having student volunteering work on your CV is always a bonus. No matter how what industry you’re applying to, employers always like to see part of your wider personality, and what you really care about. Most companies will support a charity or work towards charitable efforts in some way.

Of course, if you want to enter the non-profit and charity sector, voluntary work would be absolutely essential for your CV, to show your commitment. This kind of experience can also be an avenue for getting internships – and in turn jobs.

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