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Education Degrees

Wherever you go in the world, education is considered to be one of the central roles of society - and teaching is considered almost universally to be one of the most noble and respectable professions.

Like all such professions, it is a big job, for which practitioners must be trained to a high level using the latest techniques. Whether it’s the all-round skills needed to teach younger children or the subject-specific expertise necessary to train students at more advanced levels, it is crucial that teachers get it right.

Add on the pressures of dealing with young people facing the challenges of growing up, and you have a profession which is not for the faint-hearted. Ergo, neither are education degrees.

Key Skills

Common skills gained from an education degree include:

  • People skills
  • Excellent spoken and written communication
  • A framework for keeping up with an ever-evolving profession
  • The ability to deal with sensitive issues in an informed manner
  • Expertise in a single subject or across a spectrum
  • Firsthand experience of the field you’re about to enter
  • Organization and planning skills
  • An ability to think creatively and present ideas in new ways
  • Flexibility and adaptability