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Zoology Degrees

Zoology is a branch of biology which specializes in the study of animals both living and extinct, including their anatomy and physiology, embryology, genetics, evolution, classification, habits, behavior and distribution. If you’re fascinated by and love animals, this course could be for you, enabling you to choose from a range of zoology specializations and opening doors to zoology careers in areas such as ecology, conservation and research.

Read on for an overview of zoology courses, specializations, careers and key skills. 

Key Skills

  • Analytical skills
  • Data-handling skills
  • Written communication skills
  • Use of geographic information systems (GIS)
  • Presentation and oral communication skills
  • Project management skills, including for fieldwork
  • Information technology skills
  • Ability to work both independently and as part of a team
  • Scientific creativity
  • Knowledge of physiological diagnostics
  • Knowledge of computer modelling and simulations
  • Strong research skills
  • Quantitative reasoning
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Specialist zoological knowledge
  • Self-management and organization skills