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What is a sustainable university and why should you study there?

By Chloe Lane

Updated November 15, 2021 Updated November 15, 2021

Discover how studying at a sustainable university could benefit you.

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A sustainable university makes sustainability a central priority in its teaching and research. Sustainable universities are focused on meeting the needs of the present without compromising the needs of future generations. 

At the University of Lima, their Sustainability Centre, Respond UL, encourages conversation around sustainability among students and graduates, incorporates the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into the curriculum and manages a number of sustainability-focused projects. 

Studying at a sustainable university can be incredibly beneficial for students. Read on to find out what studying at a sustainable university can do for you. 

What makes a university sustainable?

A university can contribute to sustainable practices in a number of ways: through educating students about the importance of sustainability in modern business practices; conducting insightful research on urgent sustainable challenges; and reducing the overall environmental footprint of its campus.  

The University of Lima does all of these, basing its actions on the UN’s sustainability development goals (SDGs). The University of Lima’s Sustainability Centre has targeted its sustainability-focused development goals towards the following areas: city; ethics and citizenship, new company and sustainable campus.  

The University of Lima manages a variety of strategic social, environmental and corporate responsibility projects that contribute to the fight against poverty, promote care for the planet and respect diversity. 

Among other activities, the school’s Sustainability Center (RespondeUL) has cooperated with the local government's Empodérate Lima programme to provide new entrepreneurs with communication and innovation skills that will help them set up sustainable businesses. 

These projects help the university contribute to a more sustainable future and to encourage the development of community friendly companies, organisations and industries. 

Why should students study at a sustainable university?  sustainable university

You’ll be studying at a future-focused university 

Sustainability is focused around recognising that we live in a world with finite resources, and that actions need to be taken now to protect the environment and meet the needs of the future. 

Studying at a forward-focused university means the university is continually reviewing and renewing its practices, making sure students are getting the best possible university experience without damaging the planet.  

The University of Lima’s sustainable campus research focuses on reducing the university’s carbon footprint, reducing its plastic consumption and improving its waste management. 

The skills you’ll learn will boost your employability in an increasingly sustainability-focused corporate world 

In an increasing sustainability-focused world, employers place value on graduates who can demonstrate having environmental awareness and sustainability skills.  

There are plenty of opportunities for students to gain experience working in sustainability-based projects at university. 

The University of Lima’s four main research initiatives present new opportunities to expand students’ knowledge about sustainability and help them develop the skills they need to thrive in the modern business world. 

Students at the University of Lima will get the opportunity to participate in practical, real-world, sustainability-focused projects and get involved in the university’s sustainable development activities, initiatives and projects.  

For example, the school’s Sustainability Centre recently ran a competition in partnership with the United Nations Peru, where students were asked to help develop sustainable solutions for city management. 

You’ll learn about sustainability throughout your degree program 

Sustainable universities often incorporate sustainable approaches throughout the curriculum. This knowledge will enable students and graduates to develop sustainable solutions to problems that arise.  

As part of the ethics and citizenship research focus area at the University of Lima’s Sustainability Centre, students are actively encouraged to learn and discuss the UN’s sustainable development goals, through a variety of projects and workshops.  

The university’s Sustainability Centre recently partnered with the United Nations Peru to organise a workshop to show students how they can actively contribute to the UN’s goals. 

Develop a sustainability-focused alumni network 

The Sustainability Centre at the University of Lima organises the Ulima Talks: a virtual space where the University of Lima’s graduates can share how they have contributed to sustainable development.  

Here, students can learn more about the possible career options in sustainability and build up an extensive network of contacts who may help in their future career.  

This article was originally published in November 2021 .

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