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International Scholarships to Study in Asia

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Asia’s consistent economic growth, urban development and educational reform mean growing opportunities for ambitious international students, including international scholarships and other forms of funding.

Below you’ll find a selection of some of the most exciting Asian scholarships and funding opportunities, covering ChinaHong KongJapanSingapore and South Korea, as well as some other prominent funds spanning the region.

For more inspiration, check out the latest QS University Rankings: Asia, and our guides to popular Asian study destinations.

Scholarships to study in China

Scholarships to study in Hong Kong 

Universities in Hong Kong offering international scholarships:

Scholarships to study in Japan

Universities in Tokyo offering international scholarships:

Scholarships to study in Singapore

Scholarships to study in South Korea

Universities in Seoul offering international scholarships:

Scholarships to study elsewhere in Asia

This article was originally published in June 2015. It was updated in June 2016.

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Hello I am Dhoni Ram Narzary from India. Presently I am pursuing MA last year. Hereafter I will be studying LLB in native country's school. I would like to study LLM in South Korea. I have a doubt that should I get LLM admission without taking honours in LLB? Would I get information quality please.

I am looking for scholarships for masters in any mathematics field apart from statistics specifically in in Asia apart from china and Japan

hi my name is Cecilia from Namibia, i would like to study Korean in South Korea is there any possible scholarships for that please help

Hello there fellow life form!
So I was wondering is this for all collages over seas for astronomers and they have to do the same steps to get in over seas? In general, are these for every one who wanna go to a collage over seas for what ever reason? Like for example: if I want to go to collage in Japan I know I need a student visa, but are these steps necessary for astronomers?

Hope you reply,

Hello, my name is Marco, and I am an international student. I really would like to apply for a scholarship in Asia in the area of medicine. My grades are near perfect, I am in many extracurricular clubs, I am in many sport clubs, etc. I would be really thankful if someone gives me a hand or guides me through the process. Thank you very much for reading this message.

Hi Marco, I've replied to your comment here. :)

Hello there
i am new international student who is looking for a scholarship to complete my higher study in English language (TESOL ) in East or west of Asia. and i will be thankful of you if you give me a hand in this portion..... My best regards to you ... Abdularheem Baharetha

hello i'm victor from indonesia, have you ever heard about asean graduate scholarship, i'm seeking information about that, did we had to write essays to apply to this scholarship? if yes, then the topic is about what? and did you know who had been achieved the scholarship? so then i could ask for their advices. Thank you.

Hi ma'am! I'm Zyra Ellena a 2nd Year college student taking up BS in Geodetic Engineering but I wanted to take up other course because I;m nor really into Engineering though my grades we're fine. Hmm Ma'am can we apply for more than one scholarship? and is there a big guarantee that we can get an International scholarship here in Asia? Thanks.

Hi Zyra, you can apply for more than one scholarship, and might like to apply for several to increase your chances of finding funding. Scholarships are highly competitive but you can increase your chances by working hard on producing a great scholarship essay (as well as providing all the right documents and applying well within the deadline). Hope this helps, and good luck! :)

Hello i'm Hubert i'm in africa i completed secondary school in computer science i want to continue in university by IT or software engeneering or other computer programing related programs. any one to help me ? thanks

Hi Hubert, please take a look at our list of computer science scholarships. 

Helow, im christine, I just recently finished my degree in civil engineering, I was hoping to acquire a scholarship for my masters degree, just here in asia, unfortunately, our educational system is different from others, the k+12 program have been recently implemented here, I was wondering if I should take another bachelors degree or if its ok to get a masters, thanks.

Hi Christine, I'm not sure whether you'd need to complete another bachelors degree - it may be best to contact the institution/s you're interested in to check if your current degree is sufficient for entry onto a masters degree. We have a list of scholarships for engineering students here. Hope this helps. 

Hello, this is Mahdis Yaghobi. I am studying medical at medical university of Mazandaran Iran , im in fifth year of study. I am really interested in taking scholorship at a valid University. Because of the low economical situation, low cost of expenses in target country is so important for me. Could you please help me how can I take a possition in a university.I am very much looking forward to receiving your positive response

Hi Mahdis, I've replied to your query here. :)