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Scholarships for Minority Women

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With many organizations and foundations aiming to widen access to higher education, a growing number of scholarships for minority women are becoming available to help fund women from various backgrounds the world over. Below is a list of a number of scholarships for minority women, including scholarships for Hispanic womenscholarships for African womenscholarships for single mothers and scholarships for older women.

Scholarships for Hispanic women

Scholarships for African women

Scholarships for single mothers

Scholarships for older women

Other scholarships for minority women

  • AIET Minorities and Women Al Course Scholarship – Scholarships for minority students identifying as black, Asian, Hispanic, American Indian, Alaskan Native or female.
  • Canon Collins Scholarships – A range of scholarships and fellowships to support the development of education in South Africa.
  • Cartier Women’s Initiative Award – International scholarships for women entrepreneurs.
  • Central California Asian Pacific Women Scholarship – Providing financial assistance to women from Asia and the Pacific Islands (limited to Fresno, Kern, Kings, Madera, Mariposa, Merced and Tulare counties). Applicants must demonstrate a good academic background, financial need and extracurricular interests. This is for study at US universities only.
  • International Federation of University Women Scholarships – A range of scholarships for minority women, one of which, the Hegg Hoffet Fund, is aimed at female postgraduates displaced by war or other emergency situations.
  • Marcia Silverman Minority Student Award – Scholarships for minority women and men (of African-American/black, Hispanic/Latino, Asian, Native American, Alaskan Native or Pacific Islander ancestry) pursuing journalism or PR-related programs.
  • MMMF Education Grants – Scholarships for women all over the world in developing and middle-income countries, with a focus on South African, Latin American and US/Canadian women.
  • The Annemarie Schimmel Scholarship – UK scholarships for Pakistani women with professional degrees looking to return to Pakistan upon graduation to further their careers in their home country.

This article was originally published on 6 August 2014. It was updated in April 2016.

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Oh dear I pressed the go button before finishing my comment. As she has to wait another 2 years before becoming a citizen and she has done very well in her first year of university study that she has been nominated by her faculty to apply for Study Abroad in California. They only pick two students per semester from the faculty. I am madly trying to find some financial help so she can attend. Do you know of anyone who I could contact? I have an elderly mother here so we need to stay in Australia. I hope you can help us. Kind regards, Annie

Hello Laura, I am an Australian/New Zealand single mother and my daughter who was adopted has unfortunately been effected by the law change in Australia where New Zealanders are no longer able to apply for any Government help with their studies until they become a citizen

Hi Laura,
I am a Nigerian single mother looking for scholarship opportunity for my 18years old daughter to study abroad in the US or European countries.
Thank you

Hello, I am Saadia i am currently graduating in physics and i have got very good grades. can i ge a full funded

Eu sou uma mulher,mãe de 47 anos brasileira desempregada há 4 anos sem nenhuma fonte de renda neste momento,vivo com família,irmão 45,filha 19,mãe 77. Não consegui concluir meus estudos na idade correta,preciso me recolocar no mercado. Atualmente estudo
bacharelado em biblioteconomia -ciência da informação em universidade federal de Pernambuco,ensino público,mas gostaria muito de uma bolsa e poder cursar parte de meus estudos de graduação em uma universidade na Espanha ou em UChicago.Por favor se gentilmente poderem me indicar uma bolsa para continuar meus estudos,agradecerei muito.

Hi Laura
I'm a just graduated midwife from Afghanistan. recently I live in iran, here for developing my studies in midwifery field, the costs are so high for us afghans. If you know somewhere in UK related to midwifery mastering with scholarship, please guide me.
thank you :)

Hi Fatma, the Cavell Nurses' Trust in the UK offer a midwifery scholarship - it's currently closed to applications but you could enter the 2017 round when it becomes available for applications (and can pre-register with them for information). We also have a list of scholarships to study in the UK here. Good luck with your search!


I got an offer to pursue my MSc studies in Analytical science with Bradford university (2016-2017), can you kindly assist with scholarships information for those that are still open.

Thank you in advance.