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QS EDHEC Business School Scholarship: 2021 Winner

By Niamh Ollerton

Updated October 13, 2021 Updated October 13, 2021

"Scholarships help attract students from different backgrounds and nationalities which positively impacts the university and your master's class as it creates a greater exposure to the real diverse world we live in," says Deepak Torres.

We're pleased to announce that one of the winners of the 2021 QS EDHEC Business School Scholarship is Deepak Torres.

The scholarship, offered in partnership with EDHEC Business School for two postgraduate students every year, is worth 50 percent of tuition fees. Applicants must have been successfully admitted into EDHEC Business School for their MiM and MSc programs only. They must also have registered and attended the QS World Grad School Tour. Scholarship applicants must be able to demonstrate strong levels of academic excellence. 

We caught up with Deepak to find out how the scholarship has made a difference to his study plans.

What are you studying and why did you choose EDHEC Business School?

I am pursuing an MSc in International Accounting and Finance. I chose EDHEC because it has an outstanding reputation worldwide, a triple crown accreditation, and a high employability rate. The fact that EDHEC is a prestigious French university also gives me the opportunity to keep improving my french skills. The last decisive factor was EDHEC’s focus on creating leaders that make a positive impact and are involved in sustainability matters and these are values I was looking for since they match with who I am.

What do you hope to gain from your degree?

Professors at EDHEC have long-time expertise in corporations and academia, thus they have valuable theoretical and practical knowledge to share, which gives me the opportunity to furtheer strengthen further my accounting and finance skills. Furthermore, I greatly enjoy learning from new cultures and meeting people from diverse backgrounds and nationalities and I believe that by living in France I can achieve this. EDHEC frequently offers networking events and career support which help you enhance your applications and keep in touch with prospective employees. By assembling these factors, I expect to get a job that gives me purpose and makes me grow as a finance professional and person.

How did you find the scholarship application process?

Out of all the scholarships I applied for, the QS-EDHEC Scholarship’s process was the most unconventional and my favourite. I had to complete two essays and a quick-fire round of questions that I had to answer with the least number of words. It was splendid because I had the chance to express my creativity and go farther than just doing a word document. I decided to do an infographic inspired by EDHEC’s branding design with my answers and I was very happy with the results.

Do you think scholarships are important for higher education today?

They are incredibly imperative since they help to close the financial gap. Coming from a developing country myself, the financing component was a matter of utmost importance in terms on deciding where and when to do my master’s. Scholarships increases your possibilities, and it could be decisive in terms of the country and university that you would consider applying to. Scholarships also help to attract students from different backgrounds and nationalities which positively impacts the university and your master's class as it creates a greater exposure to the real diverse world we live in.

What was your experience of the QS World Grad School Tour like?

My experience with the event was terrific. It was very organised and not too crowded which gave me the opportunity to speak with the universities in a more personalised space. I had the pleasure of meeting Cathy Pagan who is the Head of International Admissions at EDHEC. Meeting her made the application process more humanised and made a huge difference. We kept in touch during the pandemic, so I had real updates about what was happening at the school. I recommend everyone attends these events even if you've already been accepted by your university, as it is crucial to show your genuine interest and start creating relationships from the beginning.

What difference has this scholarship made to your life?

To atttend EDHEC I had to finance a percentage of my tuition fees by taking a loan. The scholarship made a huge difference by releasing some pressure on my financing and now I will pay less interest too. Moreover, the scholarship is very competitive, and I believe that being a recipient of this grant will show to my prospective employees the kind of professional and person I am, which is a highly favourable result as well.

What advice do you have for other prospective students applying for scholarships?

My most important advice is to apply to all available scholarships. I know it is time-consuming but not it isn't a waste of time. I was indeed a finalist for the QS Social Responsibility Scholarship and although I did not get it, I was invited to a webinar to speak about the social project I work with, which is a remarkable outcome. Therefore, there is never a loss if you get rejected, it will help you to improve for future essays and come back stronger for the next application. Lastly, always put your personalised touch in your application. After all the tips I read about doing the essays, I strongly believe this was the most noteworthy and the one that really makes the difference. 

What does the future hold for you and your career?

Right now, I am looking for a graduate programme in finance. I believe this is the right choice for me because they usually offer rotational assignments, mentorship, and international exposure which fit perfectly with my interests. I want to get a CIMA certificate after my master’s and these programmes frequently support you with this too. I am aspiring to gain more international experience and immerse deeper in the diverse finance functions within a company so I can create an integral finance profile. Moreover, I would like to work within the European Union, because I love learning from new cultures and working with different nationalities.

This article was originally published in October 2021 .

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