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QS MoveON Stand Out Scholarship: 2020 Winner

QS MoveON Stand Out Scholarship: 2020 Winner main image

We're pleased to announce the first of this year's winners of the QS moveON Stand Out Scholarship is Annie Doherty. The scholarship awards up to €1,500 to two students. 

We caught up with Annie to find out more about how this scholarship helped her to complete her year studying abroad in the Netherlands.

What are you studying, and why did you choose the university you applied to?

I study linguistics, and my home university is in Edinburgh. One of the reasons why I applied to study abroad at Universiteit Leiden is their fantastic linguistics faculty. The breadth of courses offered is impressive, and the focus on non-European languages in courses like “Language and Identity in the Middle East” is something I would not have had access to in Edinburgh.

I also wanted to study in Leiden because the Netherlands is a country which really appeals to me because of the wealth of LGBTQ+ culture and the ease of travelling from city to city to experience new things.

What do you hope to gain from your degree? How will it affect your career plans?

Once I finish my undergraduate degree, I aim to pursue a Masters in Speech Pathology and go on to practice as a speech therapist. Studying abroad in Leiden has helped me come to this conclusion by exposing me to a broad range of different disciplines in linguistics and allowing me to explore how best I feel my degree can be used to help others.

Importantly though, studying abroad has taught me to keep an open mind to new experiences, so I’m definitely open to other ideas about what I might do with my future. I’m excited to graduate and see what opportunities are out there.

What difference has this scholarship made to you? How would your plans have differed without this financial support?

The scholarship has allowed me to complete my year abroad to the fullest and experience the culture of the Netherlands when I’m not studying instead of having to work long hours alongside university.

Especially since the COVID-19 epidemic has thrown everything up in the air, having this financial support has alleviated a lot of the pressure of paying rent, moving home to my family etc. Without this type of support, I don’t think I would have been able to get the best out of my experience in Leiden. 

What advice do you have for other prospective students who are applying for scholarships?

Just be honest about what the scholarship could do for you and why you think you deserve it. Go for any opportunities that come your way, the worst thing that can happen is being told no, and even then you will have learned or gained something from the process.

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