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Scholarship Winners

Meet past winners of QS Scholarships and learn more about how the funding has helped our winners in their studies, research and career development.

QS-Concordia University Scholarship: 2018 Winner main image
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Scholarship Winners
16 Jul 2018

Find out who the lucky winner of the QS-Concordia University Scholarship is, and what advice they’d offer others.

TOPUNIVERSITIES Scholarship Winners by date
Announced: QS Scholarship Winners main image

Find out who has been selected for the range of QS scholarships and those offered by partner institutions.

QS-Concordia University Scholarship: 2017 Winner main image

This year’s winner of a scholarship to study at Concordia University is revealed.

QS-Alliance Manchester Business School Scholarship: 2017 Winner main image

This year's winner of the QS scholarship offered in partnership with the Alliance Manchester Business School has been announced.

QS Connect Masters 1-2-1 Scholarship: 2017 Winner main image

We speak to the winner of this year's QS Connect Masters scholarship about their plans for the future and advice for other applicants.

QS Leadership Scholarship: 2017 Winner main image

Find out which lucky applicant has won this $10,000 scholarship and learn their top tips for anyone interested in applying next year.