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Student Stories

Hear from real students, both past and present, about their study abroad experiences at leading universities around the world.

Q&A with a Future World Changer: Yalinu Poya main image
Student Stories
23 Mar 2020

Yalinu is a chemistry PhD student at the University of Glasgow. Her mission is to create a safer and cleaner way to feed the world’s growing population more sustainably. We spoke with her to find out more.

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Q&A with a Future World Changer: Sofiat Olaosebikan main image

Sofiat Olaosebikan is a PhD student from Nigeria, who’s on a mission to empower young scientists in Africa with computer programming skills. Want to know more? Find out here…

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Ever wondered where university can take you? We spoke to three University of Lima graduates to find out what they’ve been up to since leaving the world of academia.

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High-flying Colombian student Andrea, 29, spoke to us about her experience attending a top business school in Nice, France.

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Ever wondered what it must be like to start your own business or invent a new product? Student entrepreneur Lara Schuhwerk from EDHEC has done exactly that.

5 Incredible Things I’ve Achieved with My Music Education Degree main image

Ever wondered where a degree in music education can take you? We spoke to The Education University of Hong Kong alumna Gigi Lam Chi-ying to find out.