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Akhbar El Yom Academy


Akhbar El Yom Academy aims at offering distinguished education and contributing to producing, developing and spreading knowledge; in addition to training scientific personnel capable of achieving the development goals and fulfilling the needs of Egyptian and Arab society. The Academy offers a pioneering educational experience symbolizing the hopes of students in achieving a bright future. Its academic programs are diverse and competitive induce minds and impose argumentative thinking and encourage creativity in different fields. Various positive factors have added up to achieve the distinguished status of Akhbar El-Yom Academy and to place it with the top of the educational and scientific institutions in Egypt. The Academy has designed its curricula within global standards concerning social and scientific responsibility and graduated many highly accepted graduates, notably in the domain of journalism, engineering, computer science and business administration. These disciplines are taught by a distinguished panel of professors, academics and experts with considerable practical experience to earn the public trust Distinguished graduate with balanced scientific aptitudes and skills are raised up on associated ethics , and creative thinking and gained talent and benefited from the various facilities provided by the Academy.

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