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Al Maarif University College

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Al-Maarif University College is a private Iraqi college established in 1993, as a first private college in Al-Anbar Governorate.

The university has 9 departments in the main campus. It includes 10 study majors, about 6000 undergraduate students. The departments of the university are:

1.  Department  of Arabic language

2.  Department of English language

3.  Department of computer techniques engineering

4.  Department of civil engineering

5.  Department of computer science

6.  Department of Law 

7.  Department of medical laboratory techniques

8.  Department of Finance and Banking Science

9.  Department of Sports Science

Al-Maarif University seeks to spread education and serve the society in all aspects through providing a healthy environment to inspire the academic staff and enable graduates to deal with the latest technology in the working market. 

Al-Maarif University believes practical and theoretical knowledge both are important phases in learning and achieving academic accreditation to compete internationally.

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