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The American Business School of Paris

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The American Business School of Paris offers a curriculum based on the American education system, with degrees recognized in the US and France. It aims to train its students to become future business leaders who think internationally, take initiatives and can work on multicultural teams. The school will continuously improve its academic standards and at the same time instill in the students respect and tolerance for diversity, as well as a sense of social responsibility. The school will also encourage the students to apply ethical standards in all personal and professional decisions.

Why American Business School:

  • An American school offering BBA, MSc. and MBA Programs
  • Degrees recognized in the US and in France
  • 60% of international students
  • Over 80 nationalities represented
  • American teaching methods and European training practices
  • The flexibility of the American education system
  • 100% courses in English, small class sizes
  • A passport to an international career

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