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American Graduate School in Paris

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The American Graduate School in Paris (AGS) is a not-for-profit institution dedicated to the advancement of higher education and research in the fields of international relations, diplomacy, and international business, with a strong commitment to academic excellence. Through its educational mission, AGS seeks to form knowledgeable, principled, competent, and tolerant contributors to and leaders of international affairs, who have a global perspective, insightful analytical and critical-thinking skills, creative problem-solving abilities, as well as ethical and informed decision-making approaches. As an American institution located in Paris, AGS seeks to contribute to transatlantic exchanges and the wider internationalization of education by promoting student and faculty mobility and by giving to students and faculty from around the world access to the rich resources of Paris, France and the rest of Europe. AGS seeks to promote the complementarities between the fields of international relations and business by providing future international business contributors and leaders with a good understanding of the cultural, social and political context of the countries with which they will interact, as well as providing future diplomats and practitioners of international relations with a good knowledge of the business aspects of the international arena.

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