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Astrakhan State University

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Mission of Astrakhan State University: to create and promote knowledge for personal and social development by integrating researches and education; to train successful alumni and scientists who exert a considerable impact upon the world community. Astrakhan State University has ancient traditions of academic activities; it is one of Russia’s most rapidly modernizing universities. Thanks to their solid contribution to various sciences, many scientists working at our University are well-known not just in Russia, but also far beyond it. Educational programs that Astrakhan State University delivers differ in their level (bachelor or master), in forms of their coverage (full-time, part-time, or distance), in types of their coverage (main or parallel studies), and in delivery methods (stationary and distance programs). Computer classrooms and laboratories of ASU are equipped with modern hardware and license software. All our buildings are united into a single computer network. Any user can access our internal educational resources and the Internet. In 2007, ASU signed “double-diploma” agreements related to joint master programs with the University of Nice Sophia-Antipolis (France) and with Clark University (Massachusetts, USA). Students from Iran, Korea, Italy, France, Turkey, Syria, Morocco, Congo, and many other countries study at our University. Some of our programs have been certified by the European Credit Transfer & Accumulation System (ECTS).
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