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Batumi State Maritime Academy

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A legal entity, the university of Batumi is a prestigious, government accredited state maritime academy. Specializing in higher education, the institution's main function is to prepare qualified staff for employment within the marine-trade fleet and maritime transport infrastructure. Batumi State Maritime Academy provides an educational process that is in accordance with Georgian legislation as well as international conventions “The Standards of Training, Certification & Watch keeping (STCW) Our main goal is to make Batumi State Maritime Academy an international higher educational centre, that is attractive to those who want to receive higher professional education in accordance with all modern international standards required within the maritime transport industry. Maritime education take start seventy years ago and during these time it continue. In last century 20 years there opened evening maritime courses and based on it in 1929 year opened Batumi Maritime technical university. In 5th of march in 1944 year by the committee of self-defence of Soviet union on base Batumi state maritime academy they created Batumi maritime institute. Batumi maritime institute during its subsist played the biggest role in development of maritime sphere not only in Georgia also all over the Soviet union. Institute prepared about 5 thousand high qualified...

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