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Bogomolets National Medical University

Postgraduate Education National Medical University of Kiev has ranked as one of the top medical university in Ukraine. This university is considered as one of the best medical universities in Europe. It is providing all national and international students a wide range of courses related to medical professional career. Medical education in Ukraine lasts up to 6 year for a normal degree of postgraduate courses such as for a normal MBBS or MD degree. There are hundreds of medical universities which are providing degree in Postgraduate certificate in medical education for the degree of doctors and pharmacists is carried out after the internship. Training of students for higher study programs like post- graduate programs are carried out at the university under the super-vision of post-graduate specialists as well as the professional and experienced doctors of medical fields by means of doctoral candidacy or institution of recipients. Postgraduate certificate in medical education in Ukraine provides certification to the students in the various fields of medicine such as MBBS, MD, BDS, MS, MDS, etc to continue their medical career.
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