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M.S. in Computer Science

M.S. in Computer Science

  • Study Level Masters
  • Duration 24 months

+ 23 others shortlisted this program

+ 24 others shortlisted this program

Brown offers an outstanding Master's program, which we call an ScM. There are many attractive features that characterize all the graduate programs at Brown. In addition, our master's program has several advantages that you may not find at other universities: All our courses are taught by the same people who earn Brown CS its reputation for innovative education and research. Our faculty see research and education as closely interlinked, and as a result, our courses not only offer a solid foundation, but are also forward-looking: you will routinely be exposed to ideas here that represent where industry is headed in coming years. The program has multiple tracks that make it easy for you to customize your route to the degree to your particular educational needs. Those looking to complete a more research-oriented degree can write a master's thesis. Those who want a research experience without the full burden of a thesis, or would like to implement a large software project instead of conducting novel research, can choose the project option. Finally, people who already have significant project experience in industry (and perhaps some research experience also) can opt for the coursework-only master's. Our strong industry partnerships will help you better learn about industry's needs and directions, and will expose you to novel and unique opportunities. In addition, several professors from all across the department's groups work closely with industry (regional and beyond) and the government, so you will be able to sharpen your skills here on problems that bring research ideas and methods to bear on problems of practical value.