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Chinhoyi University of Technology

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Chinhoyi University of Technology was established as part of the recommendations of the Chetsanga Commission to devolve Chinhoyi Technical Teachers’ College and other similar colleges into degree – awarding institutions following the realization that technology is the key driver and central cog to industrial development and economic prosperity in Zimbabwe. The University started operating under the auspices of the University of Zimbabwe, in 1999 in what was then called the University of Zimbabwe Chinhoyi Degree Programme which offered two degrees; Production Engineering and Hospitality and Tourism. This led to the awarding of the Charter to operate as a fully fledged University, through the Chinhoyi University of Technology Act No. 15 of 2001; Chapter 25:23. At the helm was Professor C.M Nherera as the founding Vice-Chancellor. He immediately set off to do a sterling job tolay a solid foundation by establishing systems which have stood the test of time to this date. In 2006, Professor D.J Simbi assumed office as the Vice Chancellor and took the University to dizzy heights despite the unstable economic environment. The shrewd tactician, strategist and academic visionary steered the ship through stormy waters to establish multi-campuses thereby growing the University from 2,800 students in 2006 to 7,000 by 2014.

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