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École Nationale de l'Aviation Civile (ENAC)

7 avenue Edouard-Belin, BP 4005 Toulouse View map


ENAC : THE FRENCH CIVIL AVIATION UNIVERSITY IN TOULOUSE Air transport depends on high-tech sectors such as aeronautics, space, computing, electronics and the management of complex systems. Human factors are also playing an increasingly important role in achieving the permanent goal of increased levels of safety. Air transport organisations, especially airlines and airports, have been faced for a number of decades with growing financial and economic constraints, not to mention an operational environment which is in a state of continual evolution, all of which require a considerable amount of adaptability. In all these fields, the Ecole Nationale de l?Aviation Civile (ENAC) has been able to acquire recognised skills and know-how which today provide the basis of the university?s international reputation. The various courses offered by ENAC are specifically focused on these areas of expertise. Toulouse : the second largest university town in France, European capital of the aeronautics and space industries Toulouse accommodates all the leading names in aviation and space : Airbus, Alcatel Space, E.A.D.S., A.T.R., C.N.E.S., Latécoère, Liebherr Aerospace, Thales, Galiléo... This environment perfectly corresponds to the ENAC?s different activities.

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