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Ecole Polytechnique


École Polytechnique has opened two new degrees:

>> An industry-oriented graduate degree, providing students with state-of-the-art multidisciplinary education and in-depth scientific knowledge relevant to their career interest. These two-year programs are designed for highly qualified undergraduate students with a solid background in Science and/or Engineering and who are interested in gaining knowledge and skills necessary to play a key role in leading technology and business organizations throughout the world.

Available programs in 2017-2018 include: 


>> A PhD program, combining both Master’s and PhD degrees, is designed to develop outstanding scholars for careers in leading academic institutions or top companies throughout the world. Students in this program benefit from École Polytechnique’s dynamic ecosystem and are closely associated to the research activities conducted at l’X right from the beginning of their Master’s studies. They work closely with faculty members who provide them with individual coaching, oversee their progress and help customize their training with regards to their interests and goals.  

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