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Ehime University has set a goal of becoming a beacon of learning for the Kansai region. To attain that goal, the University continues to keep focus on four essential concepts. They are to be a student-centered university, to be a beacon of the community, to speak from the region to the world, and to contribute worldwide. Without question, we are entering a regional era. Ehime University is dedicated to creating a student-centered university, to producing independent-minded young people, and to the goal of turning out citizens who will contribute to every region. The university also wants to contribute to the growth of the region by drawing in more of the university’s intellectual assets and opinions of local people and utilizing them for our region. Furthermore, although we are a regional university, we do not necessarily fall into such a category. Indeed, it is the goal of Ehime University to be a source of pride to the citizens of Ehime and the surrounding region as a beacon of learning and human advancement through our world-class research.

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